100% Employs and Empowers

The Worthy Co is a non-profit social enterprise, which means we invest 100% of every purchase into fulfilling our mission to employ and empower survivors of trafficking.


Seeing The Need For Employment

The Worthy Co is a social enterprise of The Net, a non-profit based in Fort Worth, TX that has served over 1,000 survivors of trafficking and sexual exploitation since 2012.

For years, we walked alongside survivors at The Net as they rebuilt their lives. From making restitution with the courts to going back to school to getting their own apartments and buying cars, they worked so hard but continued to run into the same barrier...

Finding jobs that would allow them to fully support themselves and their families.

The combination of a criminal record and recovering from the trauma they've experienced made this barrier seem insurmountable.

That's why in 2018, The Net founded The Worthy Co to meet this need and provide dignified employment to survivors so they could continue rebuilding and flourishing in their new lives.


Everyone Is Worthy Of The Chance To Rebuild Their Lives

In the state of Texas, 4 prostitution misdemeanors results in a felony permanently on your record. Because trafficking and prostitution are so interwoven, the women we employ have long criminal records in addition to recovering from trauma, struggling with addiction, and more.

At The Worthy Co, we look past all of this and ask "What are your dreams?" "What do you want to accomplish?"

We believe that no past is too challenging to overcome and that everyone is worthy of the chance to rebuild their lives!

How It Works

Our goal is to offer a holistic job training and enrichment program where women can simultaneously earn an income, build work history, experience healing and be empowered.

Job Training

While absolutely vital in recovery, sobriety, stable living conditions, and healthy relationships are all jeopardized without economic stability.

Through our job training program, women survivors are working towards this. Here they have the opportunity to learn new skills, work in a therapeutic environment, build work history for their resume, and most importantly, earn a dignified wage.

Survivors handcraft all of our candles and earrings and 100% of your purchase employs and empowers them!

Enrichment Program

Our Enrichment Program provides opportunities for women to develop in their personal lives, professional skills, and self care habits.

Each work day is dedicated to different areas of development including typing class, reading and discussing survivor-led material, trauma-informed yoga, nutrition class, and more.