At the beginning of February, The Worthy Co had the privilege of being a vendor at IF:Gathering here in Dallas, Texas. We love getting to be a part of events and conferences like IF because they are attended by some of the most joyful, inviting, and kind women we have ever met.


As we listened to a talk from the conference founder and visionary, Jennie Allen, we were deeply impacted by something she shared. She said that every worry or fear we have is rooted in one of three lies that we believe: I am worthless, I am helpless, I am unlovable.

Jennie verbalized something that we have been processing at The Worthy Co. for awhile now: every woman struggles to acknowledge and believe the truth that she is worthy. 

Regardless of the zip code you grew up in, how your parents raised you, your career, relationship status, if you have kids or not, or any other aspect of life, our default setting as women is to question our worth. And while this may manifest itself in different ways in all of our lives, the root problem is the same.

We are a generation that is quick to look to superficial things to determine our value. We compare the monotony of our everyday with someone else’s highlight reel on social media and decide that our life, house, wardrobe, marriage, parenting style, or job isn’t as good as the next person’s. 

Whether or not we realize it, we let the things we consume dictate our feelings of worthiness. 

That’s why our mission is to connect women from all different backgrounds to a community that affirms their worth and value. 

When you purchase from The Worthy Co, you communicate to a survivor of sexual exploitation that she is worthy of dignified employment, that her past does not define her, and that her worth is not based in who she was or where she came from. You communicate that her worth is intrinsic to who she is and that it cannot be taken from her.

And when you communicate this to her, you share that same message with your own heart. Your choice to employ and empower a woman survivor is rooted in the belief that EVERY woman is worthy. And that “every” includes you too. 

We are thankful that you are here and that you have chosen to be a part of this worthy community.