The Worthy Co is a social enterprise started By the net, a non-profit based in Fort Worth, Texas

Victims of trafficking struggle to find gainful employment due to their background and record.

In the state of Texas, 4 prostitution charges equals a felony permanently on your record. That means that instead of being viewed as a victim of sexual exploitation, the women are seen as criminals by potential employers.

That's why we created The Worthy Co, to employ ladies in The Net program to make candles and jewelry.

The Net provides these women with a safe working environment with trauma-informed volunteers to help them gain experience and also earn some income as they develop the skills needed to enter back into the workforce.

We oversee the ladies in the program using survivor care, trauma informed principles, and help them grow in their job skills each week.

Each Tuesday at the end of the work day, we have our Survivor Meal and support group where we eat dinner together, celebrate recovery, and offer a safe place for the women to heal and be known.

We believe every woman is worthy of love, healing, and the chance to rebuild her life.